Saturday, January 5, 2013

China Glaze's New Collection - Tranzitions

Okay, so China Glaze has a new collection out called "Tranzitions" so I decided to try them out. Unfortunately it was nothing but, a big disappointment this time. There are various colors to choose from but, I picked all of them up. Using their base coat is supposed to change the color of the polish, which it does BUT, you can use any base coat from any company of your choice. (Nice To Have Known That)

The names of the colors are: Altered, Modify Me, Duplicity, Split Perso-nail-ity, Metallic Metamorphosis &, Shape Shifter

They apply in ONE single coat which I thought was great! Then I started working with the top coat. This is where the first disappointment occurred. The results were much LESS opaque than expected. At this point I took some quick pics and decided this product was NOT for me. So I removed the polish which hadn't even full dried (still tacky). I then discovered that every single polish color had stained my once pretty nails!! I was furious because I had just got them all nice n pretty prior to painting.

Sorry China Glaze, you definitely dropped the ball on this one.

Sorry for the late posting.

Happy New Year!
~Karina XoXo

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