Friday, January 27, 2012

Finger Paints Special Effects Collection

I finally got the "Special Effects Collection" by Finger Paints which I started to believe I was never gonna get.  See every other Sally's had received theirs except for mine.... this made me uneasy & think that maybe they did get it & ended up selling out & wasn't aware. So I contacted Finger Paints myself via email to find out if in fact they did get them already OR they were on their way.  A nice lady named Mindy was more than happy to help me find out exactly was was going on. Thank you Mindy.  A day later Sally's ended up calling me & letting me know they were finally in! So I rushed down there to buy some beauties. I was in shock & was not expecting them to call me & tell me that.  I had to ask them if they were sure. :o)  So here they are... I will be posting swatches & a review soon.

"Special Effect Collection" by Finger Paints

"Special Effect Collection" by Finger Paints

"Flecked" by Finger Paints
"Asylum" by Finger Paints

"Flashy" by Finger Paints

"Twisted" by Finger Paints

"Motley" by Finger Paints

I know they may appear all the same but, I promise when I post the swatches you will see the difference & beauty in them all...

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